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Hapkido Vancouver offers Practical self-defense Courses for women 


Fighting back works

The efficacy of resisting sexual assault is well studied: women who verbally or physically resist are more likely to successfully fend off an attacker1, and recent research finds that education and training are effective at preventing sexual assault2.

Learning how to physically resist is an essential component of any risk reduction or self-defense program. Our courses offer insights on practical techniques that will enable you to confront scenarios ranging from coercive behavior to violent attack.

I thought some of the moves would be unrealistic because I’m only 5’1”. Turns out there are advantages to being small.
— Jenni, on WSD Level 1


What courses do you offer?

We offer 3 courses on physically resisting sexual assault. We address realistic scenarios and threat levels ranging from coercive behavior to violent attack.

Level 1: Escape A series of 7 techniques that progressively increases in intensity. We start standing up and finish on the ground, but in each case you're looking to defuse or escape. Class is relatively light. The goal is to get your feet wet with practical self-defense, and be able to respond to a variety of situations.

Level 2: Disable These techniques are all counters to physical aggression, particularly grabbing and choking. The techniques are are more complex than those at Level 1. You'll learn the body's vital areas and how to strike them, plus you'll learn some joint manipulation. This class requires a little more comfort executing techniques with intent. 

Level 3: Destroy This is street level stuff. Take away any sense of art, sportsmanship, or mercy, and what you're left with is our Level 3: strikes to the eyes, ears, throat, and groin, plus limb destructions. You'll get the most out of this level once you're mentally ready to hurt a person that's trying to hurt you.  


When it comes to young adults, the ability to perform the techniques isn't the issue, it's maturity. There is no getting around the seriousness of either the subject matter, or the consequences of executing these techniques with intent. As long as parents and kids both understand the nature of the content, we are ready to teach. That said, 16 is our minimum age requirement.


Go to the sign up page, and add women's self-defense to your basket. During checkout you'll be asked to choose a course level and the date you want to attend. Do us a favor and send us an email at info@hapkido-vancouver.com the week of your class to let us know you're coming.

I bought A groupon

If you purchased a class on Groupon, you don't have to sign up again, just email us at info@hapkido-vancouver.com to let us know what month you're coming, and we'll answer any other questions you have.

If you bought all 3 levels, we encourage you to complete the course over 3 Saturdays. You're free to attend whichever Saturday classes work for you. Just let us know by email the week before each class. 

When and Where is Class?

Class is at our club at 703 East Hastings, which is the northeast corner of Hastings and Heatley, above Mikado. There'll be a sign out front.

  • Classes are every 2nd Saturday of the month.
    • Level 1: 10AM - 12PM
    • Level 2: 12 - 2PM
    • Level 3: 2 - 4PM
  • Call, text, or email for any late-breaking changes on your end
    • 604-317-1477
    • info@hapkido-vancouver.com


Normal athletic gear. No loose jewelry. Probably best to take out earrings and studs too. Keep your nails trim if you can, and bring water.